Local made ss officer armeagle

This is a local made ss officer armeagle.   It is not from the Belgium Nominette factory from the so called ‘Reitz’ eagles.  This officer fabrication is not a german fabrication but a local one.  As there exist local made belgium collar tabs and other stuff, it is normal that there also has to exist an local officer ss eagle.  It is very fine made and succeeded all the tests.   It is made like the Nominette stuff, but it isn’t made by nominette.  It is a variation of production.  Where it is made, that I still don’t know.   So like we still don’t know where they made the belgian ss skulls. 


This eagle was sold years ago in the well known Brussels militaria shop (by Raoul, the shop don’t exist anymore since years).  He had very nice and good stuff also the local made stuff.  There you could buy the belgian ss visor skulls, nominette eagels, skulls, etc.. and also this local made ss officer armeagle.  I bought it out of an old collection of a person who died several months ago, but after informing me by some older Belgium collectionars, they all knew the existing of this type of eagle and also that Raoul sold it once.

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